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TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...
TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet...

TAIR-2011VSD+ Permanent Magnet Variable Speed Drive Screw Air Compressor

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Amazing design combined with superior components makes a great air compressor that will suit your needs!

Screw type compressors provide enough air delivery, high efficiency and low noise- thus there is no need for noise reduction.

This compressor is Direct driven for higher transmission efficiency, as opposed to belt-driven alternatives which are not as fast.

Air cooling of this model Works with 5-400KW, which is a good choice for small or medium sized companies and stable performance.

Product name: Permanent Magnet Variable Speed Drive Screw Air Compressor

1. Model No.: TAIR-2011VSD+

2. Power: 11kw or 15HP

3. Air displacement and discharge pressure: (m3/min/bar): 1.5/8

4. Air cooled, Direct Drive

5. Voltage: 400V & 50HZ

6. IP54 Motor

7.Inverter: Inovance Brand

8.Noise: 60db(A)

Main Parameters:

Working Pressure (Bar): 8

Free Air Delivery (m3/min): 1.5

Inlet Temperature (°C): Under atmospheric pressure 2-40°C

Outlet Temperature (°C): Ambient Temperature+15°C

Drive Mode: Direct Drive

Rotor Speed (rpm): 2940

Motor Power (kw): 11KW/15HP

Exhaust Oil Volume (ppm): <3ppm

Cooling Method: Air Cooling

Noise (dB(A)): 60±2

Dimension (L×W×H(mm)): 1050 x 750 x 1000

Outlet Pipe Diameter: G3/4

Weight (Kg): 360

Power Voltage (PH/V/HZ): 3/400/50

Starting Mode: Inverter Start


• One Stop Solution: Easy installation & maintenance

• Microfiber large filter: large filter area, Higher precision, Longer service life

• Screw Rotor Element: Advanced 5:6 rotors, SKF bearing, American specialty steel rotor

• Lower noise: Fully-enclosed mute box design, sound-absorbing sponge attached

• Efficient Cooling system/Radiator: Large cooler, cools fast, can work in high temperature

• Advanced Inlet Valve: Adjusted between 0-100%, less pressure loss, longer service life

• Energy saving: efficiently produced

• Smart controller: Remote monitoring, Warning indication, Error detection

PM Motor

•Simple and stable PM Motor has a smart magnetic field design, magnetic density distribution, wide working frequency range and low operating noise

•Made of mature "NdFeB" permanent magnet structure, known as the "Permanent Magnet King" which is the best magnetic permanent magnet material which can work for a long time in high temperatures and will not demagnetize after undergoing special treatment.

Advantages of MP VSD Compressor

New Technology: A modern new technology air compressor with novel and beautiful appearance

Silent: Small machine size, silent, durable and runs smoothly

Super Efficient: Internally efficient, energy saving

Easy Maintenance: Saves many troubles of regular maintenance and replacement

1.Superior Air Filter

• Superior air filter with two-stage dust removal and filtering system with efficiency of up to 99.9% even in heavy-duty environments.

• Extends the service life of the compressor parts and components, ensures high air quality.

2.Premium Efficiency Drive Motor

• Premium efficiency Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled IP54/IP55 motor (Class Finsulation) protects against dust and chemicals etc.

• Long-term stable operation even in harsh environments up to 55℃ (131℉)

3.Smart Controller

• Increased reliability: durable keyboard, user-friendly, multilingual user interface.

• Improved ease of use: intuitive navigation system with main operation conditions include warning indications, maintenance scheduling etc

4.Intelligent Control and Protection

• Siemens electrical elements with original package from Germany, safe and reliable

• Reasonable, simple and clear wiring, easy for maintenance

• Good protection function ensures the stable running of the compressor unit

5.Heavy-duty Oil Filter

• Heavy-duty oil filter with excellent oil purification capability ensures a clean and safe oil system

• Long service period and easy filter change reduce maintenance costs

6.Stainless Steel for main Oil Pipe & Air Pipe system

• All internal pipes are of seamless carbon steel material which can make the machine beautiful appearance and lengthen its service life greatly. Tidiness internal structure save space.

• Stainless steel for main pipe components with High temperature resistant (400℃ =752℉) and low temperature resistant ( -270℃ = -518℉), high pressure resistant

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